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Paros, Greece
June 22nd - June 29th, 2024


About Agape Escapes

Agape Escapes welcomes you to meet your new friends on the best week ever! 


Join your hosts, Maria Avgitidis and Chrisoula Mavrianos, on an adventure on the island of Paros, located in the heart of the Cyclades Islands in Greece.

We are inviting you under the shadow of the Acropolis for a welcome dinner before we sail off to a week-long retreat immersed in the Aegean Sea. Under the Greek sun and the warm breeze, we offer a unique experience curated to empower women in a transformative and positive environment. Our attendees will have an opportunity to disconnect from the daily hustle and connect with other like minded women, who also share their manifestation journey.

Our accommodations will be at Paros Agnanti Hotel with daily excursions including private “kaiki” cruise around the island, traditional wine tasting, guided outing to Antiparos, Mykonos and Delos islands, and plenty of leisure time for exploration. A farewell beach party on a private beach anchored by your hosts Maria and Chrisoula will conclude the retreat before we board the ferry back to Athens for departure.

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Your Hosts

Maria Avgitidis & Chrisoula Mavrianos

You probably already know Maria and Chrisoula from the Agape Intensive as they have spent more than nine hours with you! Our inaugural retreat under Agape Escapes is a way to give back to our graduates who, at a time where it was hard to hope and plan, shared similar goals of meeting the right person. The retreat is an opportunity to meet new people and further expand your respective networks. Maria and Chrisoula want to continue to empower all of you and your endeavors with this unique immersive and bonding retreat.

See you in Paros!


Our Team 

This experience is built around creating community and commraderee among our guests while also having full access to the entire Agape Team. The Agape Team wants our guests to experience a week like no other-- where they have the support of dating and relationship experts while creating friendships with like minded women that will last a lifetime.


Guests will have the option to schedule a dating app makeover and/or personal shopping consult throughout the week. There will be a professional photographer with us all week snapping photos not only to commemorate the experience but to also give our guests great photos to use online.

Get ready to have the best week of your life!


At the welcome dinner for Escape to Paros 2023, Maria said "you don't know it, but you've just met your 30 new best friends" and she could not have been more right. The unbelievable sights, activities, food and locations were made so much more special by connecting with a group of incredibly positive women that have become lifelong friends.

Kristin G.

I signed up for Paros on an absolute leap of faith and repeatedly described it before I left as the "craziest thing I've ever done" (meaning getting on a plane by myself to a country I'd never been to with a "bunch of strangers"). After returning, I describe it as the BEST thing I've ever done and tell everyone all about my new best friends (and hype squad). So much so, that going forward I will look back at my life as BP (Before Paros) and AP (After Paros). In the week I've been back, I have lost count of how many people have commented on my glow (and not just the fabulous tan!) The itinerary was the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation, and the energy was contagious - you will never find a more positive, woman-empowering, FUN adventure and I am eternally grateful for this extraordinary experience Maria and the entire Agape Team have developed.

Diana S.

Escape2Paros was more than I could have imagined! The Agape Team is so wonderful. They truly care about each and every woman on the trip and take time to speak to each of us about not only our dating and relationship goals but what we want out of life in general. Amazing friendships are formed on this trip and cannot wait to continue those friendships now that we are all home. You feel like you are getting such an authentic Grecian experience with Maria, Chrisoula and Anna Maria who have so much first hand knowledge. We got to have experiences that just wouldn't be possible when planning a trip on your own. The trip was magical and for me transformative and life changing. I could not have imaged a better experience.

Erin M.

This trip exceeded all of my expectations, the attention to detail, and how organized everything was truly made it a carefree vacation, not to mention who could not have a great time on the Greek islands. The true gift of the experience was truly that community and the lifelong friendships I created.

Andrea M.

What's Included


7 -night Stay

Access to Agape Team

Empowerment Circles

Private Photographer

Island Discovery


Most Meals

Private Boat Cruising

Private Party

Free Time

Island Tours

Your Accomodations

More Testimonials

GO TO PAROS with the Agape team. I am walking more confidently, and have learned more about myself - knowing I’m supported by a badass group of women. Is it a coincidence that I met someone one week after I came back from the trip? Absolutely not. It’s also an amazing vacation filled with surprises you will remember forever.

Allie S.

Escape to Paros was a dream trip! As a woman who loves travel, I usually methodically research and organize every trip I go on. In this case, I didn't have to do that, I just showed up and I was delighted by the well-balanced agenda that included beautiful beaches, cultural and historical spots, and amazing food. It was everything that I was looking for in a trip to the Greek Islands and it included local touches that tourists don't normally experience because our trip organizers were local to Greece. The overall experience was even better than what I could have planned on my own. I also enjoyed connecting with a group of accomplished, intelligent and open minded women who I now consider friends, and who I know will be companions on future trips

Stephanie M.

Escape2Paros was the trip of a lifetime! We got to see and experience so much of Greece from the culture, history, food and beauty! I originally hoped to see places on my travel bucketlist and that I'd meet at least a few cool women to enjoy the adventure with. The trip was so far beyond my expectation! The agenda was very thoughtfully planned.The Agape team was so down to earth and really participated in every aspect of the trip right along with us. You could tell they enjoyed sharing their favorite aspects of the Greek experience with us. It was great to get to know them on a personal level and hear their expert inputs and advice. Having a professional photographer with us was tons of fun and we will have beautful memories for years to come. The group of women attending the trip were amazing. We had lots of similarities, but also many differences and we reveled in getting to know each other. What a cool way to meet and connect with wonderful people from all over the US and beyond. The group is already planning some future adventures together. We've been home for 3 weeks now, and I'm in contact with my Paros crew every day since! My world is so much fuller for having attended this trip. My deepest thanks and appreciation to the Agape team.

Alison G.

Truly a life-changing trip! I've made so many new friends and had an experience in Greece that could not be replicated. I enjoyed the breadth of planned activities and amazing meals reserved just for us. I will remember this trip for life!

Dana B.

Paros with Agape Escapes was a dream vacation! It never crossed my mind to hesitate or pause about booking a trip with 29 strangers. It truly felt like a ‘trip of a lifetime’ and I’d do it again in an instant. The connections and friendships made were magical, the attention to detail on the food and excursions were above expectations, and the memories will last forever! 10/10 recommend!

Anna M.

Spending a week in Greece with this group of incredible women and the amazing agape team was truly a life changing experience! I laughed so hard I cried, I ate the most delicious food, had experiences I’ll never forget, learned about myself, and made an amazing group of new friends!

Jillian F.

While the Greek beaches are picturesque and the food is mouthwatering, the best part of

Agape Escapes was being surrounded by likeminded, supportive and brilliant women. As women, when we get into our 30s, 40s and 50s, it's difficult to make new friends or have a proper girl's trip that doesn't revolve around a bachelorette. I think the caliber of women who opted into Escape2Paros is true testimony to the following that Agape and Matchmaker Maria attracts!

Andrea S.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost?

The cost for a double room is $4,600. The cost for a single room is $5,100.

What is included?

The price includes your hotel stay in Athens (first night), five nights in Paros, your hotel stay in Athens (last night), transportation to and from the ports of Piraeus and Paros, group activities and excursions, breakfast, most meals, transportation to Antiparos, Mykonos, and Delos Islands, and all access to the team at Agape Match as well as the company of incredible women who completed the Agape Intensive. We also have a fantastic photographer joining us throughout the week to commemorate the experience for you.

It does not include meals or drinks during scheduled leisure time (see itinerary above), alcohol during group meals, transportation to and from airport, or souvenirs. 

Can I room alone?

Of course you can!

Can I bring a friend?

Yes, as long as your friend is a graduate of the Agape Intensive.

Will you help me find a roommate?

Of course! After you register, if you need a roommate, we will contact you with a questionnaire to match you with the right person.

Will there be free time?

Yes, you will have time to explore the island and check out different venues for meals that are not part of the group, as well as time for rest, relaxation and shopping.

Can I extend my trip?

Of course. We will put you in touch with the travel agency that is organizing our event.

Will transportation be provided?

Transportation to the port, from the port, and around Paros island will be provided. A few weeks before your arrival in Athens, the travel agency will ask you if you would like to book transportation from the airport to the hotel. 

What if I need to cancel?

Your $500 deposit is not refundable but it can be exchanged with a person on the waiting list. If there is a person on the waiting list that wants your spot, they will pay you the $500 deposit. We recommend buying travel insurance when the remaining deposit is due, in case you need to cancel for reasons covered by the insurance.

Do you have to be single?

No, you just have to be a graduate of the Agape Intensive Program.

Do I need a visa?

Probably not. You should consult with your local consulate.


Retreat Terms & Conditions

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