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Men's Escape 2 Crete

October 21st-October 25th, 2023

The Hotel

The Itinerary

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Day 1

Saturday,October 21st

Welcome to Crete!


A private mini van will transfer the group from Heraklion Airport to Thalori Hotel.


The time will be determined after we received everyone's flight details.

Welcome Dinner at Thalori Hotel.  

Day 2

Sunday,October 22nd

You will be picked up from Thalori with a guide to travel to Rethymnon City.  Your tour includes a visit to Arkadi Monastery and Kournas Lake. 

The constant and uninterrupted presence of the Monastery in the life of Crete for eight centuries is an integral part of the island’s history. Historical sources have shown that the Monastery has been a center of education and manuscript copy.

Crete's only freshwater lake, Lake Kournas, is relatively large, with a perimeter of 3.5 km. There is a nature preserve on the Southwest side of the lake.

Lunch at Rethymno. 

Experience begins at 9AM. Duration 6-7 hours. 

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olive tour.jpg

Day 3

Monday,October 23rd

You will be picked up from Thalori with a guide to travel to Heraklion. Our tour includes a visit to Knossos Palace and an Olive tour at the Cretan Mill.


Knossos is a Bronze Age archaeological site in Crete. The site was a major center of the Minoan civilization and is known for its association with the Greek myth of Theseus and the minotaur.

There is a sit down lunch at Heraklion at the famous Petousis Restaurant. 

Experience begins at 9AM. Duration 6-7 hours. 

Day 4

Tuesday,October 24th

You will be picked up from Thalori with a guide to travel to Heraklion, the Capital city of Crete. Your tour includes a cooking lesson at the Cretan Village where there is a sit-down lunch.


Experience begins at 9:30AM. Duration 6-7 hours. 


Day 5

Wednesday,October 25th

Departure day!


Transfer Out: From Thalori Hotel -> Heraklion Airport

operated by Private Mini Van with chauffeur. 

Time will be determined after receiving everyone's flight details.


Hi! I'm George.

You might know me as @NerdMeetsFood. And that’s a very fitting nickname because I love food, I am a nerd. I love movies, comics, backgammon, dominoes, Catan, Star Trek. I also love food; everything about food. Cooking, tasting, sharing recipes, but more importantly, learning the history and the lore behind the food we eat. You can learn so much of a place’s culture just from one bite of food.


I am so excited to join you on a journey across the magical island of Crete. I look forward to making friends, exchanging stories, tasting wonderful food, sipping wine, visiting historic sites, and marvel the amazing beaches. For me this trip is even more special. I am from Crete… born and raised! I have spent the summers watering olive trees, the falls collecting our black diamonds, and the winters pruning them down. (In the spring we were busy with spit roasting lambs.) For someone it might just be a small island in the Mediterranean, but in reality every corner is so different culturally, culinary, and geographically.
It’s going to be a wonderful adventure, a wonderful Escape!


Your Host

What You Need to Know:

Price is $2600 per person. 


The price includes:
- Accommodation in single-use houses at Thalori Guest Houses
- Breakfast each morning

- Welcome dinner on first night
- Lunch after cooking lesson
- Lunch at Heraklion
- Lunch at Rethymno 
- Transfers with chauffeured private Mini Van
- Private official English speaking guide at all tours
- Pre-booked Entrance fees: Knossos, Arkadi, and Cretan Mill
- Accommodation tax & VAT

- Lunch on arrival day

- Dinners on day 2, 3 and 4
- Lunch on departure day

- Alcohol during meals
- Personal expenses

- Your air (or ferry) transportation to Crete

- Travel insurance (you are encouraged to purchase!)
- Anything not mentioned above

Cancelation policy:
• For any cancellation that takes place 18 or more days before the arranged arrival date, there are no cancellation fees. 
• For any cancellation that takes place 17 days or less prior to the arranged arrival date, 100% of the reservation will be charged.
• In case of non-show or departure prior to the arranged date, 100% of the total stay is applicable.

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